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Dockzilla’s Temporary Cross Docking Warehouse Helps ​E-Commerce Giant Tackle Both Peak Delivery & Hurricane Season

When an e-commerce leader needed a temporary cross dock to fill a supply chain gap in the burgeoning Tampa, FL market during peak season, they called Dockzilla to stand up a regional distribution center on a vacant asphalt lot. The facility was needed ASAP with specifications for offloading trailers using hand carts, as well as structural integrity to withstand inclement weather given the impending hurricane season.


Dockzilla designed a custom cross dock building, which included 16 dock positions, and was assembled in a fraction of the time it takes to build a permanent structure. Set on Dockzilla’s modular, elevated steel platform foundation and covered with high-strength vinyl, the building included a complete warehouse package with all loading dock equipment, doors, stairs, electrical and HVAC.​ Each loading dock position featured Dockzilla’s externally-mounted Dock Houses and self-standing dock levelers, which were integrated into the tensional vinyl structure to absorb trailer impact.


Dockzilla’s purpose-built design eliminated unnecessary square footage and minimized the distance between dock doors to require fewer employee steps for unloading shipments, sorting, and transferring loaded hand carts to outbound vehicles.

The 6-month rental terms allowed the customer to quickly scale and process millions of packages—both shipping and reverse logistics returns—without committing to a long-term lease or permanent construction. ​The customer realized a return on investment in under 8 weeks and has applied the modular warehouse concept as a standard to add regional peak season capacity, test new markets, and service rural areas.

Prior to Hurricane Ian rolling in, the high-strength vinyl was easily removed while the aluminum and steel structure effortlessly weathered the storm. Dockzilla’s fast set-up allowed the customer to quickly reinstall the membrane covering and immediately resume operations following the storm – business as usual.



  • Temporary Cross Dock Building: 15,000 sq ft with 16 cross dock positions.
  • Constructed on Asphalt: Elevated to dock height on high-strength steel modular foundation.
  • No Long-Term Commitment: 6-month lease terms allowed for pumped up peak season.
  • One-Stop Shop: Delivered as a total solution with loading docking equipment, doors, stairs, electrical and HVAC.
  • Weathering the Hurricane: When a hurricane danger became imminent, the modular structure was taken down for the storm and quickly reconstructed with minimal down time.


Dock seals are mounted on Dockzilla’s self-standing levelers on the outside of the facility.

Dock height high-strength steel foundation designed to quickly move carts across the floor.

A fully functional HVAC option ensured employee comforts.

Onsite electrical was made possible by tying into nearby utilities.




  • Building Style: Elevated or ground
  • Loading Operations: Square footage, # of dock positions and leveler options
  • Duration: Determine permitting, potential hard-wiring, sprinkler needs, etc.
  • Onsite Personnel Needs: Office, reception, rest rooms, or other employee needs
  • Additional Considerations: Insulation, refrigeration, any specialized needs
  • Dockzilla’s sales engineering team shares initial estimate
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  • Site Survey: Drainage and utilities placement, power sources, trailer turning paths and parking
  • Dockzilla’s applications engineering team finalizes drawings and quote
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build install


  • Dockzilla’s project management team leads the installation process, working closely with general contractors, civil works and other partners as needed


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