Case Study: Service Trailers at Varying Heights - Dockzilla

Following an investment in permanent loading dock construction, this company realized a significant discrepancy its dock approach decline. With a slope that declined 5% more than contracted and a trench drain 10 ft. from the dock face, the customer experienced numerous safety and operational issues. Forklifts and pallet jacks were bottoming out or getting stuck between the dock leveler and the back of a trailer, and it was difficult to service different styles of trucks and trailers. To correct the faulty loading dock construction, Dockzilla’s Pit Filler Wheel Risers bridged the compound decline over the trench drain area and created a consistent line of approach. Customized based on this customer’s dock conditions and trailer requirements, the pit filler wheel risers minimized the trailer bed drop, eliminating equipment damage and ensuring that trucks could meet the dock at the correct height to be loaded or unloaded.