Cost justifying replacement railboards through ergonomics and reduction in forklift tire damage. Customer has eight existing rail plates that worked, however the plates had traditional curb and crown designs. They also had received competitive quotes from direct internet based companies so price would need to be justified.


Dockzilla Railboards with (3) sided lip chamfer, recessed side curbs and minimized crown. This board carried a 5 year structural warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a significant higher price than the competitive qotes. They also valued the local sales and service support required for an application based product.


They ordered their first Dockzilla Railboard in 2011. At the time they were only looking for a quality replacement board that would reduce the amount of bump going on in and out of railcars. They they were presented the Dockzilla Railboard, designed to reduce the transition bump; they were sold on the idea of reducing the tire wear with the exclusive (3) sided lip chamfer and recessed curbs.

In the 8 months they have operated the first railboard, they have noticed a significant reduction in tire damage for their forklifts. With replacement tires costing over $2,000 per pair, they feel they reduced their tie replacement costs by over $6,000 by implementing the single board.

In addition to the operation costs savings, they continued to be impressed by how smooth the board is going across the threshhold and like that the board fits the dock (no “Slop”).

They implemented their 2nd board in September with Mike at Pugleasa, and because of the savings in tires alone, plan on systematically replacing all the remaining boards.