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5 Sticky Situations You Can Avoid With Dockzilla®

Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when evaluating your company’s efficiency and savings, your loading dock is the gateway to your bottom line. Here are five real-life situations in which a Dockzilla portable loading dock solution shines.


1.  When your department is one day away from a pizza party to celebrate workplace safety, someone falls off the yard ramp your boss ordered from a catalog.

Dockzilla exceeds industry standards with safety guard rails to protect employees from unnecessary tumbles, and your business from dropping the safety incentive pizza pie. Unlike commodity ramps, Dockzilla portable loading docks protect your assets and your crew with OSHA and IBC safety features required on conventional concrete docks, delivered standard with wheel chocks, safety chains, and tall side curbs.


2.  It’s crunch time and orders are stacking up, but an employee is injured unloading a trailer by hand, which means your priorities have shifted to incident documentation.

Dockzilla uses the power of the forklift to reduce awkward motions and operator errors that can put employees at risk. Dockzilla designs include no manual pumping to adjust the ramp, double-tine forklift raising, automatic wheel placement, and more to ensure reduced costs from employee injury claims and time spent on medical leave.


3.  Your current facility is bursting at the seams and your boss assigns you to handle the dreaded company move. After countless hours of wading through logistics, you tour the perfect facility…then you venture out to the loading dock.

Dockzilla portable loading docks and forklift ramps are ideal for companies who need the power of a loading dock in a unit that can report for duty in six to eight weeks. Further impressing your boss, these heavy-steel docks perform like a concrete dock, yet can be relocated or sold when the lease expires. Dockzilla Docks also won’t cost you downtime due to permits needed for permanent dock construction, or architect fees for specialized design due to environmental restrictions. Just order, position, and use year-round.


4.  Your plated trays for this afternoon’s wedding are on wheel racks in the kitchen, but your refrigerated catering truck is outside. You’ve got mere minutes before food safety regulations gobble up the profit from your first big gig.

Dockzilla is all the muscle you need to ensure those mussels end up safely on the bride’s plate, and not in your parking lot. To prep for this scenario and ongoing business success, Dockzilla parcel dock ramps can be customized to your truck’s bed height. You’ll save manpower and redundancy with the ability to wheel your racks right into the truck. When your business expands from one location to five locations, you can re-assign these relocatable ramps to another location if needed.


5.  Your biggest restaurant account has decided to pick up their beer keg order today. Meanwhile, your team is already loading another truck and the driver is on a lunch break.

Relax, you won’t have to learn how to drive a semi via Google. Hopefully you’ve snagged a Dockzilla mobile yard ramp so you can tap a different dock door for outgoing delivery. Just move Dockzilla into position and get those kegs ready for transport. Dockzilla offers several mobile dock models that can be easily positioned by a forklift to provide split-second flexibility and to ensure your loading operation flows smoothly.